Will the Best Gutter Guards 2017 Protect My Gutters?

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards, also called gutter covers or leaf guards, help block some of the large debris from getting into your gutters and clogging them up. There are different styles, some of which just rest inside or on top of the gutters while other are attached on. Each style has its own specific use, but almost all of them block most large debris from entering the gutters.

Leaves and sticks are some of the most troublesome things for gutters, and they cause the most clogs over time. The best leaf guards for 2017 help to block leaves from entering the gutters, making your job of cleaning a lot easier, and keep clogs from occurring in the gutters.

Gutter Guard

Will the Best Gutter Guards 2017 Protect My Gutters?

Protecting your gutters involves two different things. The first way to protect them is to keep debris out of the gutters, so that water can flow freely through. The second way is to avoid clogs that can cause leaks or rusting. Getting the right set of gutter guards can help with both of these issues, although they won’t completely disappear.

No matter what kind of gutter covers you get, even if you get the best gutter guards 2017, you will still have to clean out your gutters. That is an unavoidable chore that you will just have to do every once in a while! However, gutter guards will usually be able to reduce the workload of gutter cleaning by keeping the big stuff out.

Additionally, by keeping large clogs from happening, gutter guards can reduce the amount of stress placed on your gutters. Fewer clogs means less of a chance for leaks, rust, or sagging to occur. This is how gutter guards help to extend the life of your gutters, because they keep them from some of the issues usually happen with unprotected gutters.

So, the short answer is that yes, gutter guards will protect your gutters. BUT, you will always have to do routine maintenance on your gutters, including cleaning and repairs, if you want them to last for as long as possible!