How to Know When to Do Gutter Replacement (2021 Update)

Updated for 2021 by Clean Pro Sales

While gutters may seem immortal, they do have a certain life expectancy and will need replacement eventually. The hard part for most people is knowing when to replace gutters and when they can simply be repaired or cleaned. Gutter replacement is the most drastic step and can be expensive. You shouldn’t do it until it’s actually necessary for your house.

To help you avoid unnecessary replacement costs and to assist you in knowing when you actually need to think about replacement, read the tell-tale signs that you need to replace your gutters.

Gutter replacement

What Are the Signs You Need Gutter Replacement?

  • Cracks & Splits

Any cracks in the gutters themselves, even small cracks or splits in the metal, can lead very quickly to larger cracks. Unfortunately, cracks can render your whole gutter system useless, and they are difficult to repair satisfactorily. Many times, cracks and splits in your gutters need replacement, not repair.

  • Peeling Paint or Rust

Old gutters may show signs of peeling paint, which can show they are aged and need replacement. When new gutters show signs of paint peeling or rust starting to develop, you need to be more concerned and focus on it. New gutters shouldn’t have these issues so soon, meaning there is probably something wrong with the installation or the gutters themselves that is causing water to pool up. It is almost impossible to fix this sort of issue through repairs.

  • Water Pooling around the House

If you have a lot of water that pools up around the edges of your house after it rains, you should consider replacing your gutters. The purpose of gutters is to drain water away from your home, so if they aren’t doing that you need to fix the problem.

Now, this can sometimes be caused by leaky gutters or poor downspouts as well, which can be repaired in a lot of cases. You may also just need to attach a longer drain pipe extender to push water from the downspouts further away. However, if these simple repairs cannot fix the problem, new gutters will be needed.

  • Sagging Gutters

Sagging is always a bad sign for your gutter system. There is very little that can be done once the gutters start to sag. You may be able to repair very small sagging sections, but it’s a better idea to replace the gutters before something goes wrong with the fascia board behind the gutters and before the gutters themselves come crashing down!

  • Signs of Excessive Leaks

Small leaks can usually be repaired fairly easily. But, if there are too many leaks or larger holes, you will need a new set of gutters to get the full benefits.

  • Failing Fasteners and Mounts

If your gutters start to pull away from the house or if whole segments are moving too far from where they should be attached, it is probably an issue with the hanger mounts or fasteners. You can’t really replace these without removing the entire gutter system anyways, so as this point it’s better to just do gutter replacement than to try to use the same ones again.

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