What Are the Most Common Mistakes When Installing Gutters?

Gutter Installation

Updated for 2021 by Clean Pro Sales

Gutter installation is a tricky process that’s time-consuming and detailed. It’s easy to look at a set of gutters and assume that the job is simple. How much work could it really be to install gutters? In truth, it’s a lot more difficult than it seems in the beginning. However, it’s better to know that before you start than to find out in the middle of installing gutters on your home!

What makes gutter installations so difficult? There are a lot of things that go wrong when DIYers try to up their own gutters. This is mainly because you might just not know all of the little details involved in this kind of project. Here are some of the major mistakes that DIYers commonly make when installing gutters:

Gutter Installation

  1. Poor Pitching
    From the outside, gutters probably look like they’re flat. In reality, they’re slightly angled so that water drains towards the downspouts. The pitch shouldn’t be too high that it’s easily noticeable, but it also has to be pitched enough to keep water from pooling up anywhere in the gutters.
  2. Wrong Gutters
    Did you know there are actually a number of different types of gutters? Not only that, there are various sizes and shapes to consider. You have to make sure you get the right gutters that work with your house materials, the roof type, and the area they need to be installed in.
  3. Improper Placement
    It may seem that gutters just need to be place at the end of the roof to work well. But, this is not exactly the case. Actually, gutters should be places just underneath the edge of the roof so that they can catch all of the falling water without anything slipping behind the gutters. Installing the gutters in the wrong place on your roof can be a costly mistake.
  4. Hanger Spacing
    A majority of gutters today are installed with a hanger system. The hanger mounts are attached at a certain spacing along the fascia, and the gutters are hung from those mounts. If you make a mistake in spacing the hang mounts, you might end up with sagging gutters that can’t handle the weight of water or debris well enough.
  5. Too Many Seams
    Seams are the bane of any gutter system. They are most likely to leaks, break separate, or create clogs in the system. But, many home installers don’t know how to reduce the number of seams along their home gutter system when installing it. So, if you install your gutters you may end up with way more seams than you should.
  6. Tilting Gutters
    If you don’t hang gutters properly, they may tilt too far forwards instead of hanging straight. This makes them more susceptible to sagging and breaking whenever any weight is put on them. It also makes them less effective when a heavy storm comes around.

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