The Best Way to Do Rain Gutter Installation (2021 Update)

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Updated for 2021 by Clean Pro Sales

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly unimportant work your home gutters appear to do. Their job may just be to move water from one place to another, but it’s actually essential in preventing water damage to your home and foundation. Rain gutter installation is something necessary for every home, so if you don’t have gutters already then you need to look into getting them as soon as possible.

Gutter Installation

Can You Install Your Own Rain Gutters?

If you’re thinking about rain gutter installation, you might jump to the thought of a DIY project. You can install your gutters on your own. However, it’s not a simple project and it actually requires a bit more knowledge, skill, and building experience than you might imagine. There are complex steps involved in properly installing gutters, and some situations you encounter may bring a lot of trouble for someone without the right level of experience.

One issue that makes it difficult is the potential for damaged materials where the gutter need to be attached. The part of the roof where they are built on is usually called the fascia or the soffit. These areas of the house can suffer from water damage if you don’t have a gutter, or if you have had poorly installed gutters. If they are in any way rotten or damaged, they will need to be fully replaced in order to hold up the gutter properly. This extra step might be problematic, if you can even identify the issue to begin with!

DIY installations do sometimes make sense, especially if you have a simple one story house and you want to save a little money. You also get more options with DIY, as you’re not limited by what your contractor can supply you and you can look around for what you want instead. But, these benefits do come with some risk as well.

Rain gutter installation

When to Look for Rain Gutter Installation Help

Professional contractors are the ones you would normally call for help with installing gutters. It sounds like a big expense. But in reality, you might find that you’d pay more to do the job yourself. Plus, the risks of DIY gutter installations can far outweigh the benefits for some homeowners.

If you are a risk adverse person, gutter installation may not be a good project for you. The personal risks of working from a ladder combined with the money loss risks if something breaks or goes wrong during the installation process make for a bad experience if you don’t deal well with risk.

Also, if you house has any unique features about it, a professional may be the only one that can get your gutters right. Remember that gutters must be built at a slight pitch towards the downspouts. This makes installations more difficult in uniquely shaped houses or taller homes.

One of the other disadvantages of home installations is that you cannot make seamless gutters. These are made on your property by contractors, and cannot be bought and carried over to your home. Seamless gutters are fantastic at keeping away leaks, clogs, and rust. It’s unfortunate to eliminate this option from your choices.

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